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Argenis Alvarez
Ideas & Innovation – UX UI Design – Brand Strategy

Hi, I'm a strategic Designer, I help companies
to define problems in creative ways, connecting
desired business goals with users needs

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I helped to improve the visual usability for this News CMS, This product manage and serve content for their prestigious online news services all over Spain. Barcelona, Spain.

vue.js, php, Web app, UX UI Design, CSS and html

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Life invest, offers an outstanding portfolio of financial products tailored to their user needs. The challenge was implement an UX design that can highlight the brand and comunicate the trust and commitment that reflect their services. So I was in charge of the creation of Personas, user flow, wireframes, and final design. New York, USA.

UX UI Design, CSS and html
Support and Consultancy.

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I worked in the creation process for this eCommerce solutions, My work was to design and create a delightful user experience hand by hand with the development team. I created the user flow, information structure, Wireframes, Final design, and the HTML/CSS/.Js integration and then tested with developes. Chicago, USA.

Front-end HTML/sass, Web app, e-commerce UX UI Design.

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I create relationships, my focus is to close the gap between users and desired products, understanding the market is one of my day to day, I believe that brand is important to elevate your product. I offer you more than 20 years of worldwide experience in design strategies, I am passionate in work on solutions to complicated problems ussing user-centered design, business design process, amoung others process..
  • Let’s Build and launch design strategies that engage new customers, build audiences, and increase sales.
  • Let’s challenge the industry, finding the best connection between Business Goals and user needs.
  • Let’s create good design, no just a pretty one, Design should work thus applying science to design to identify KPI is crucial for growing a business; measuring the intangibles inherent services in the product.
  • Let’s make your business more profitable.
If you find yourself at the same place for a very long time by now, nothing has changed for a while, not challenges at all. These perhaps are symptoms that you are indeed in the comfort zone. The best place to start growing is now and it is out of our comfort zone, let’s work togetter and find new challenges, new goals, let's do an impossible task. The time to be bold is now!
Designing boldly. the design has to work.
Our business need to find ways to measure the intangibles in their services, let’s upbring your brand to a next level and make your business transcend in people’s minds and of course more profitable in the process.
  • Business & Service Design
  • Strategy design
  • User Experience
  • Brand Strategy & Architecture
  • Positioning
  • Social media Campaigns
  • Information Architecture
  • Illustration
  • Storyboard
  • Animation
  • Motion
  • Animated Videos
  • Design & Development
    • Website Design & Development
    • UX/UI
    • Information Architecture
    • Wireframing
    • Prototypes
    • CMS Content Management Systems
    • Web Applications
    • Mobile & Tablets Applications
    • Art Direction
    Mentoring for more than 10 years I have enjoyed sharing my experience and helped others to achieve their goals and helped them to unveil their vocation, here you can find insights, giveaways and more.


    This channel it is were I share my experience, interact with others, a place were people can find information about the latest in the industry, info and ideas for everyone even designers, English & Spanish.

    INSTAGRAM - @aargenis

    My IG channel is my place for experiments, were I bring ideas, test new ones, get inspired by others, share real life experiences, the place were I can meet new and awesome people.

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    Close the gap between your business and prospects users
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